Name of the Department : English

Hatichong College, the only institute of Higher Education in Hatichong Mouza was established in 1st August 1988. Initially, the College was started temporarily at Kujidah H.S School campus and later on shifted to present campus in 1993. The department of English was introduced from the date of its inscription. The first Faculty of the department was enriched by Mr. Bipul Kalita and then Abdul Mazid and Rajib Borah respectively. In the year 2001, Mr. Jyoti Prashad Borah joined the department and continued his service up to 2016. Mr. Nakibur Rahman and Mr. Animesh Borthakur joined the department in 2003 and 2009 respectively. After the dismissal of Mr. Jyoti Prashad Borah in 2016, the department flourished day by day under the guidance of Mr. Nakibur Rahman and Animesh Borthakur.


Name of Programs/Courses Offered : UG (B.A Honours& Regular)

Evaluation System : Semester

Initially, there was yearly examination system in under graduate course. The students had to appear part I (B.A 1st Year and 2nd Year) and part II (Final Year) Examination. After that the University introduced 1+1+1 pattern degree course for under graduates. But in the year 2012, our parent university (Gauhati University) introduced semester system for UG Course in which the students have to appear one sessional examination and one final examination in a semester. From the session 2019-20, the university again introduced CBCS (Choice based credit system) for all the under graduate courses. Hatichong College has been followingthe CBCSformula from the session 2019-20.

Faculty Position

Number of Existing Faculty Members : 02

Sl No Designation Present Faculty Status
1 Associate Professor Nil
2 Assistant Professor 02

Faculty Profile with Name, Qualification, Designation, Area of Specialization, Experience and Research details(If any).

Name of Faculty Edu. Qual Designation Area of Specialization Experience PhD
Nakibur Rahman M.A Asstt. Prof ELLT 19 Under-going
Animesh Borthakur M.A Asstt. Prof Indian Literature 13 Under-going

Student Strength & Diversity

Name of the course % of Students from same state % of Students from other state % of Students from other country
B.A English Honours/Regular 100% Nil Nil

Departmental Infrastructure Facilities

The College is gradually developing to a good position. Presently, there are 7 adequate Common Classrooms with fans, tube lights and Green Boards. Three classrooms have been updated with ICT facilities. Besides the Central Library, English department has its own departmental library with adequate number of books and journals. The department has a computer with Internet connectivity. The faculty members and students can enjoy internet facilities (wi-fi) centrally in the whole campus.

Teaching Methods adopted to improve Students` learning

In addition to the traditional chalk and talk method classes, special interactive classes are taken by applying group discussion, question-answer, demonstration method are arranged to encourage the students and thereby improve their learning. In-house seminars are frequently organized by the department to help  students to acquire knowledge, skill and self-confidence. Special classes are held during the study-leave of the students with special attention paid to slow learners. The hidden creativity of the students is manifested through the publications of wall magazines in the department. 50% classes are taken through the use of ICT tools by means of Slide Show Presentation. Special motivational classes are taken for the advanced learners. Interest for learning is created among the learners by showing them the photos of the authors, important places mentioned in the literary pieces and showing films on different dramas and novels in the syllabus.

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in various Innovation / Extension and NSS activities. In addition, cultural programmes and competitions are organized to promote the sense of cultural activities among the students. The students are also encouraged to participate various sports events organized by colleges and universities across the state.

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans

Departmental Strength:

English Department of Hatichong College can take pride in having some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated teachers of the college. Under the initiative of Mr. NakiburRahman (HoD), the English department of HatichongCollege organized a UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar in 2017 and A National Seminar in 2021. The department also published two ISBN Seminar Proceedings in the year 2021 and 2022 respectively. These publications will provide us the benchmark for continued improvement in overall development of the department. In addition to the formal methods, the greatest strength of the department has been the Teacher-Student intimate relationship that has kept the department alive. Departmental Seminars, group discussions, workshops and innovative classes are being held regularly to improve the overall performance of the students and lead them towards research motivation. Maximum classes of the department are taken by using PPT.

Departmental Weakness:

The Socio-Cultural background of the students, many of whom are first generation learners from poor and backward families, is a major drawback for the development. The students of the vast Hatichong area are very weak in English and they cannot communicate with the teachers in English for which they are not interested to take English as an honours subject. Though the department is trying hard for its development, the number of honours students is not outstanding. In addition, lack of sufficient number of teachers is also another challenge to the department for smooth running of the classes. Failure on the part of the college to recruit and retain contractual and part-time teachers is another weakness for the department.

Departmental Opportunities:

However, the learners are always made aware of the wide scope for their future. Efforts are on to enhance the quality of the students by giving them opportunities of interaction with the senior faculty members of other cognate institutions by means of special coaching classes. If more job oriented coaching classes could be organized for the students of the department exclusively, it would give them good result. Add-on courses like Spoken and communication English Courses can bring new opportunities for the students of this department.

Departmental Challenges:

The placement of the output in different government and non-government sectors and self-employment is one of the main challenges before the department. When the opportunity of getting absorbed in the traditional sectors is narrowing day by day, unveiling new sectors of employment is an urgent necessary of the time. The geographical location of Nagaon district provides great opportunity for the students of English to build their future by working as Tourist guides and Interpreters for the visitors to the adjacent KarbiAnglong area. Making the students of the department of English aware about such evolving areas is another challenge before the department.

Semester-wise Action Plan

Admission Policy

The admission process has been undertaken by the admission committee constituted as per guidelines of the College Academic Committee. Merit is considered on the result of last final exam (i.e. H.S Final Exam) passed by the candidate and specially on marks obtained in English for taking English as Major/ Honours subject (Minimum 45% marks in English in last final exam).

Major Entrance Exam

The department of English initiates qualifying test (written) for selection of candidates for Major/Honours in English among those willing students to undergo B.A course with English having 45% marks in concerned subject in the last final examination passed.

Syllabus Allotment

The department has distributed the syllabus of both Honours and regular and also Alt. English Equally between the two faculties of the department. Rotation of syllabus units have been made mandatory every year.  Part timers have been engaged as per requirements and classes and units from syllabus are allotted to them by the HoD as necessary.

Detection of Slow Learners and steps taken for them

Admission of students is done in the college based on the academic performance of last examination passed (H.S Final). Yet we are facing a lack of quality input. With the progress of the course, the faculty members try to identify slow learners on the basis of classroom performance on interaction and assignments. Moreover, internal assessment is considered as the key indicator to identify the slow learners. The department always tries to adopt some best practices for the improvement of slow learners. Remedial classes have been initiated for the slow learners selecting on the basis of class performance and internal assessment.

1. Flexibility in departmental class routine has been maintaining as per requirement of the students of the department.

2. Tutorial and extra classes are also managed for the slow learners.

3. The department of English not only performs its duty in classes by delivering lectures for the teacher’s side but has been trying to make the students more active in their classes and more communicative as well. Home assignments are given to the students and presentation of the same in the classes has been made mandatory.

4. Personal Counseling has been provided to some students having mental stress and other problems who are significantly remained absent minded in the class.

Seminars and Workshops conducted by the department

The department of English organized a UGC Sponsored state Level Seminar on “Literature as a Spontaneous Revelation on Culture”on 28th June, 2017 and a Two-Day National Seminar on “Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Relations” on 4th and 5th September, 2021. Moreover, the department organizes departmental and inter departmental student`s seminars to give the students a better understanding of preparation of research papers, presentation of research papers and especially to make the students active and curious for participation in such events. The department also organizes some workshops regarding preparation and presentation of Seminar papers.

Motivational Programme

The department organizes motivational programme very frequently to motivate students for higher education and to proceed with other professional and technical courses. The students are also motivatedto participate various competitive examinations.

Innovative Practices

The department of English had adopted some innovative practices like group discussions, brain-storming, brain skating and use of PPT and showing various slides through overhead projector related to the history of English Literature, writers and their works to make the English classes more interesting for the students. The department has also been maintaining a mentor mentee scheme by distributing the honours students between the teachers equally and has been mentoring the students  for which the attendance of students in the class bas become significantly regular and the guardians are also happy and satisfied observing the initiatives taken by the department. Both the mentor of the department provide mental support to the students and financial too as and when necessary.

Departmental Library

The Departmental library has been enriched by the contribution of both the teachers along with the college authority and donation form the students and Alunmi. The department has been trying to improve the reading habit of the students and also regular visit of library has been made mandatory for the students.


The department regularly collect departmental feedback (Through Online and Offline) form the students and all the stakeholders to improve the Teacher-learning quality of the department. It is our pleasure that most of the innovative and extension practices that the department undergoes have been adopted from the student`s feedback.