Name of the Department : Assamese

The Assamese (MIL) and ASL as a subject was introduced in 1988 in the TDC level. Founder teacher of the department were Pranati Saikia, Syamolima Borah, Laheswar Bordoloi, Pratap Chandra Medhi and Nibha Bhuyan. After that Miss Kabita Borah, Chinmoyee Borah, Tribeni Saikia, Bobi Borah and Pranab Jyoti Saikia had joined in the department on 5th Oct 2001, 2nd November 2004, 23rd December 2004 and 29th January 2013 respectively as faculty members. The College has started Major course in Assamese in the Year 1995. Mr Pratap Ch. Medhi was the Principal from Assamese department. Mrs Pranati Saikia was the HOD in the initial year and Miss Kabita Borah took the charge on 1st August/2014 as HOD of the Department.

The Present Staff of the department are as follows

  1. Miss kabita Borah, MA, NET
  2. Mrs Chinmoyee Borah, MA, NET, SLET
  3. Mrs Tribeni Saikia, MA, SLET
  4. Mrs Bobi Borah, MA, SLET
  5. Prannab Jyoti Saikia, MA, NET, Slet


  1. Under Graduate General B.A
  2. Under Graduate Major B.A
  3. Non CBCS Course (major Course Paper)
  • First Semester:
  1. Asomiya Sahityar Buranji aru Lipi.
  2. Prachin Axomiya Kabita.
  • Second Semester:
  1. Axomiya Sahityar Buranji
  2. Adhunik Axomiya Kabita
  • Third Semester:
  1. Axomiya Bhasha
  2. Shankardev
  3. Laxminath Bezbaruah.
  • Fourth Semester:
  1. Axomiya Byakaran
  2. Axomiya Jati aru Sanskritir Parichaymulok Adhyan.
  3. Khetra Abhiyan
  • Fifth Semester:
  1. Purani Axomiya Natok
  2. Purani Axomiya Katha-Kabita
  3. Brajabuli Sahityar Adhyaan
  4. Pali-Prakrit Sahitya aru Byakaran
  5. Sahitya-Samalochona
  6. Bhasra Swarup.
  • Sixth Semester:
  1. Adhunik Axomiya Natak
  2. Adhunik Axomiya katha sahitya
  3. Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya Adhayan
  4. Axomiya sutigalpa aru Upannyas
  5. Chanda-Alangkar
  6. Bhasa Bigyanar parichay
  • MIL Assamese Paper
  • First Semester: Axomiya Kabita
  • Second Semester: Axomiya Gadya.
  • Third Semester: Axomiya Natak.
  • Fourth Semester: Axomiya Chutigalpa, Upannyas aru Rachana.
  • ASL (Assamese Second language)
  • First Semester: Axomiya sahityar Buranji aru Lipi
  • Second Semester: Axomiya Bhasha
  • Third Semester: Axomiya Sahitya Buranji
  • Fourth Semester: Axomiya Byakaran
  • Fifth Semester: Axomiya kabita & Axomiya Natak
  • Sixth Semester: Axomiya gadya (Nirbachito Rachana) & Axomiya Chutigalpa
  • CBCS Course:

 Ability Enhancement Course (compulsory Paper)

  • First Semester: Yogayog Mulak Axomiya

Core Course- Honours Course (paper)

  • First Semester:
  1. Axomiya Sahityar Buranji (Charaypad- Sankariyog)
  2. Axomiya Sahityar Buranji (Uttar Sankari Yug- Arunuday Yug)
  • Second Semester:
  1. Bhasha Bigyanar parichay.
  2. Sahitya Samalochona.
  • Third Semester:
  1. Axomiya sahitya Prabex.
  2. Axomiya Kabitar Chaneki
  3. Axomor Sanskriti
  • Fourth Semester:
  1. Tulanamulok Bharatiya Sahitya
  2. Axomiya Bhasar Samacharan: aryabhasha aru Arya Bhinna Bhasha
  3. Asomiya Gadya Sahitya (Arambhonir Para Astadax Satikaloi)
  • Fifth Semester:
  1. Axomiya Natak aru Paribexan Soili.
  2. Axomiya Byakaran
  • Sixth Semester:
  1. Axomiya Chutigalpa aru Upannyas
  2. Axomiya Lipir Etihash.

Core Course DSE Papers

  • Fifth Semester:
  1. Axomiya Lok Sahitya Adhyayan
  2. Axomiya Ramanyas- Badi Kabita
  3. Shankardev
  4. Axomiya Kalpabigyan Sahitya

(The Students will choose any Two Papers)

Core Course- SE Papers

  • Third Semester:
  1. Byawaharik Axomiya
  • Fourth Semester:
  1. Srijanimulok Sahitya

Core Course- GE papers

  • First Semester:
  1. Axomiya Bhashar Etihas
  • Second Semester:
  1. Axomiya Sahityar Etihas (Arambhonir Pora Astadax Satikaloi)
  • Third Semester:
  1. Axomiya Natak aru Manchakala
  • Fourth Semester:
  1. Adhunik Axomiya Giti Sahitya

Regular Course papers

  • Fifth Semester:
  1. Shankardev
  2. Axomiya Lok Sahitya Adhyayan
  • Sixth Semester:
  1. Chanda aru Alangkar
  2. Abhiyojana

Regular Course- SEC Papers

  • Third Semester:
  1. Byawaharik Axomiya
  • Fourth Semester:
  1. Srijanimulak Sahitya
  • Fifth Semester:
  1. Aabritikala
  • Sixth Semester:
  1. Axomiya Akhar Jotani

Regular Course- GE Papers

  • Fifth Semester:
  1. Sankardeva
  • Sixth Semester:
  1. Chanda aru Alangkar

Regular Course – MIL Papers

  • Third Semester:
  1. Prachin Axomiya Sahitya
  • Fourth Semester:
  1. Adhunik Axomiya Sahitya

Student Strength

Session 2016-17

Sem Major MIL ASL
Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total
1st 56 97 153 177 168 345 63 45 108
3rd 38 84 122 123 65 188 13 15 28
5th 22 57 79 02 10 12

Session 2017-18

Sem Major MIL ASL
Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total
 1st 39 81 120 144 82 226 57 40 97
3rd 36 72 108 106 119 225 37 42 79
5th 36 78 114 09 02 11

Session 2018-19

Sem Major MIL ASL
Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total
1st 40 72 112 139 89 228 32 30 62
3rd 32 67 99 103 56 159 37 29 66
5th 27 68 95 28 30 58

Session 2019-20

Sem Major MIL ASL
Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total
1st 23 46 69 113 81 194 35 13 48
3rd 21 60 81 113 81 194 27 19 46
5th 28 59 87 14 42

Session 2020-21

Sem Major MIL DSE GE
Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total Boys Girls Total
1st 17 29 46 50 60 110
3rd 23 49 42 21 16 37 06 08 14
5th 19 58 77

National Level Webinar and Seminar

One day national webinar was jointly organized by the Dept. of English and Assamese in Collaboration with Dept. of English and Economics. Hatichong College 22nd August 2020. The Subject of the webinar was “Modernism and Assamese Novel”.

Two Day National Seminar was jointly organized by the department English and Assamese in association with IQAC in 4th and 5th September 2021. The Subject of the seminar was “Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Relations”.

Aims and objectives of Assamese Department

  1. Motivational programme have been also organized encourage students for higher studies and research and academic writing.
  2. The Dept. has been organizing educational field trips from time to time.
  3. All faculty members always try to create an environment of friend, Philosopher and guide between teachers and students of the College.
  4. To develop reading habit among faculty members and students it has been made mandatory to visit library regularly.
  5. To organized lectures, Seminars, Group Discussion etc. on various topics relates with concerned department in the college as well as departmental level.

Semester wise action plan for Teaching

  1. Admission Policy: The Admission process has been undertaken by the admission committee constituted as per guide lines of the college authority. Merit is considered on the result of last exam appeared by the candidate and specially marks obtained in Assamese for taking admission in Assamese Major i.e minimum 45% is Assamese & Adv. Assamese.
  2. Counseling and qualifying test for Major Students: The Dept. of Assamese initiates qualifying test (written) for taking major in Assamese among those willing students having 45% in concerned subject in last final exam.
  3. Action Plan: The department takes a lot of measure to increase the enrolment and make students result better.


  1. Counseling is considered to be key aspect by the department for smooth running of the teaching learning process. In the very beginning of the new session or induction program has been under taken by the faculties of the department expecting that student of Assamese department can easily access the course.
  2. Remedial classes have been initiated for the slow learners selecting on the basis of their performance in the internal assessment.
  3. Flexibility of departmental class routine has been maintaining as per requirement of the students of concerned dept.
  4. Both financial and psychological support have been provided in case of poor students send to those having mental stress.

Class allotment:

  1. In every year a departmental annual meeting has been organized by the department of Assamese. All the faculty members’ presence in the meeting is mandatory. In this meeting the course has been distributed equally among the faculty members (paper wise). It is also mentioned that in every academic session the topic in every allot to each faculty members has to be changed. The HOD presides over the annual departmental meeting.
  2. Various departmental and inter departmental seminars group discussion, educational tour & project work have been practiced by the dept. for all round enrichment of the students of the department.

Detection of slow learners and steps taken for them:

  1. Admission of students is done in the College based on the academic performance other previous examination. Yet we are facing a lack of equality input.
  2. Slow learners are identified on the basis of classroom intersections, assignments and performance in the sessional exam specially.

Steps Taken: To improve the quality of the slow learners generally we arranged some remedial measures, such as-

  1. Remedial classes are arranged for the slow learners.
  2. They are providing study materials.
  3. Giving some home work to prepare notes for her/his syllabus.
  4. Attempting to make them free and frank regard to their quarries and problems.
  5. Arrangement of khata of remedial attendance.

Student’s feedback and action taken report: Feedback are collected from our passed out students both by offline and online methods. Format for feedback are compiled with the issue of teachers punctuality, communication skill, friendly behavior, using TLM in class etc. and feedback for the department and institution at a large from the feedback the department of Assamese has been trying to improve demanded by the students feedback for making it more friendly and helpful to the students of the college.

Research Activities by the Department :

Research activities refers to activities that result in the creation of new knowledge and use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way. Our department has conducted the research work for students as directed by the syllabus. In 4th Semester major Course (Non-CBCS) and 6th Semester Honours Course CBCS has included research work in the syllabus of Assamese department. All concerned students are encouraged to field study project works with specific topics. In of the preparation and writing of field study project/reports of research paper all faculty members of our department guide and monitor then regularly.

Our faculty member Kabita Borah, Tribeni Saikia, Chinmoyee Borah, Bobi Borah and Pranab Jytoi Saikia have participated in various seminar, workshop, FDP and training programs organized by various college and agencies of Assam. They also published their book chapters, Articles and researchers works in ISBN journals and ISSN Journals.

Our department has also organized one day national webinar by the dept. of English and Assamese in Collaboration of Dept. of economics. Hatichong College 22nd August 2020. The subject of the webinar was “Modernism and Assamese Novel”.

Our department two days National Seminar was jointly organized by the department English and Assamese in association with IQAC in 4th and 5th September 2021. The subject of the seminar was “Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Relations”

Other activities by the department:

Some important activities like International Mother Language Day, Silpi Divas, Rabha Divash, Bhupen Hazarika Janma Divash are organized by the department of Assamese in every year.

Initiative Practices if any, taken by the department:

Teachers Exchange Program:

Teachers Exchange Program serves as a cultural learning experience for the teachers and as a means for expanding and enriching an educator’s pedagogic expertise. Keeping on mind the department of Assamese, Hatichong College has decided to introduce this program with the different college. Apart from this inter departmental teachers exchange a program has also been conducted by the department among the faculty members of the College.

Details of the Teacher exchange program:

i. Teacher visited from other college:

a) Mrs. Hemayanti Deka, Assistant Professor
Department of Assamese, Samaguri College
Topic Entitled: Charyapador Bhasha
Date: 04/03/2021

b) Mrs. Pranjali Mahanta, Assistant Professor
Department of Assamese
Topic Entitled: Asomiya Natokot Absard aru Brekhotiya Natyadhara
Date: 10/02/2020

ii. Teachers Visited to other College:

a) Mrs. Tribeni Saikia, Asstt. Professor
Hatichong College, Visited to Batadrwa SSS Mahavidyalaya
Topic- Axomor Lokosanskriti

b) Miss Kabita Bora, Astt. Professor
Hatichong College, Visited to Batadrawa SSS Mahavidyalaya
Topic- Asomiya Vasar Ruptatto

Group Discussion: Group discussion of the Assamese department include in every paper. Group discussion makes students more clear about the topic taught by the teacher. After that, if they have confusion about the topic they can put questions to their teachers. So, it is beneficial for them. After their discussion, they get marks or grades when teachers asked something about the topic.

Placement and Higher Education of Students

Sl no Name Year of Passing Placements
1 Pranab Jyoti Saikia 2006 Assistant Professor
2 Karun Lalung 2011 Teacher
3 Nisha Jyoti Baniya 2015 Teacher
4 Sankar Bordoloi 2018 Assam Police
5 Sumi Hira 2019 Assam Police
6 Arindam Sharmah 2019 Private Job
7 Pankaja Saikia Teacher
8 Mala Khataniar Teacher
9 Lakhya Jyoti Nath Private Job
10 Pramud Medhi Assam Police

List of Graduate/Post Graduate/Other Qualification

Sl No Name qualification
1 Mahatma Medhi M.A
2 Papumoni Nath M.A
3 Nilakshi Raja M.A
4 Washim Akhtar M.A
5 Trishna Moni Das M.A
6 Amina Begum M.A
7 Mousumi Devi M.A
8 Nivhashree mahanta M.A
9 Madhushmita Devi M.A
10 Prajukti Deka M.A
11 Ruhi Deka M.A
12 Prami Saikia M.A
13 Nisha Jyoti Bonia TET
14 Karuna Lalungt TET
15 Khanjana hazarika D.EL.ED
16 Trishnamoni Saikia D.EL.ED
17 Prajukti Deka D.EL.ED
18 Pranab Jyoti Saikia M.A, NET, SLET
19 Suruj Moni Deka HDFC Bank
20 Juri Bonia HDFC Bank
21 Gulapi Begum MA, Srimanta Sankardev University

Departmental Library

Sl No Particulars Total
1 Text and Reference Books 90
2 Magazine 2

Our Department has a small library having 90 nos. of Books. It Contains text book and reference book. Separate book issue register has maintained by the department and one of the faculty members is accorded to assigned for keeping the records. Student can borrow books in every working days. We called books from out going students and from faculty members of our department as donation to the department library.

Future Plan

We are going to publish ISBN book from our department.

Assamese department plans to organize more seminars, workshop, FDP etc. in future.